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Buying Real Estate

So you are thinking of buying a home, real estate, or investment property. There are two professionals that I recommend you to come in contact with: a Mortgage Specialist and a REALTOR®.

A Mortgage Specialist can have you pre-qualified, so you will have a better understanding of your financial position and know what the maximum amount you can invest in a home. Of course, you do not need to spend the maximum amount. Also, if the interest rates are favourable when you are looking for a home, you can secure that rate for 90-120 days in case it may increase in that time period.

It is better to how much lenders will finance you because if you don’t, you can search for a property for months only to write an offer and have the offer fall apart. It is always better to be prepared especially for such a big investment.

Homes that are listed on the market are listed through a REALTOR®. Sellers hire a Real Estate Agent to list their property on the market. When buying a home, it is recommended you hire your own REALTOR® to have someone negotiate and protect your best interest. Your “Buyer’s Agent” will provide you with their honest opinion, prepare an enforceable contract that will protect you through the transaction, negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and/or get you the home you want.

If you would like to know more about Buying Real Estate, please read through the other sections under the Buying heading. You can also always contact me if you have additional questions.

Note: HST is applicable only when purchasing vacant land or brand new from a developer. In most cases, it is not applicable when buying RESALE property –

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